Sunday, June 15, 2008


Nothing to show lately as final audio mix is under way. I've already posted a screenshot of what a pro-tools edit window looks like, so here's something more pleasant to look at.

This is the cover for our Lolo album, "Bad Idea," which Lakeshore Records will be releasing in september. You can hear Lolo clips on Lo's MySpace or right here and here.

Also, listen for a Lolo track in the upcoming film, Midnight Meat Train (Aug 16).

Lolo is: Lori DeManche, Dedric Moore, Delaney Moore, and myself. Check out our album in september...

A From Inside connection to this post: Lo did the temp vocals for From Inside. She must have recorded them a dozen times over the course of a few years as I polished the dialog. Doing voice-over for The Most Depressing Film Ever is grueling work. Here's proof; listen to these out-takes as Lori struggles through a scene where Cee emotionally recalls a toy horse she had as a child... a toy horse named Doody. (Lori will probably kill me for posting this, so until I get a take-down notice....).