Monday, April 21, 2008


From Inside key art. Available as an 18"x24" giclee print via the store at the official From Inside web site.

Over the next few months I'll be releasing a series of prints featuring artwork from the film. Most of the prints will be 18x24, limited edition, signed & numbered.


Here are a few sketches of other concepts for the key art.

Here's the sketch that led to the final design:


Some of these sketches have tag lines. This was before I decided that a tag line wasn't necessary. I love a good tag line, though. They're like pure marketing that, when done right, perfectly tap into the zeitgeist of the day.

Someone's eyeballs pass over your movie poster, you have three seconds to deliver the style and content of your story. Three seconds to say everything. What do you say?

Rules for a good tag line:

1). The great ones are four words or fewer.

From the Best Movie Posters of 2007:

Their War. Our World.
Don't Get Chumpatized.
Innocence Is Priceless
It's Not Your Imagination.
The Hit Goes Down.
Never Forget. Never Forgive.

2). If the tag line is pivotal dialog, a common saying or lyrics from a song, it can be more than four words.

Houston, We Have A Problem.
All You Need Is Love.
I'm a British Nanny and I'm Dangerous. (it was a character sheet, not key art -- but it's better than the key art tag)

3). The tag line has to be a clever play on words relating to the
story while simultaneously turning the poster design into a visual pun.

Fully Loaded.
You Might Feel A Little Prick.

Nick Naylor doesn't hide the truth, he filters it.
Poison In His Veins. Vengeance In His Heart.


My vote for best tag line of 2007 says it all with two words.
Protect. Destroy.


The art of the tag line has changed a lot over the years. Maybe the earth was spinning slower in the 80s and time moved slower, so people could stand still for 30 seconds and read a movie poster without getting bored to death:


Same tag line today would probably read: "No Pain. No Fear."


Here's a few rejected From Inside tag lines from studio clown/caffeine hook-up/sound designer, Dustin Blegstad:

The Feelbad Hit of the Year.

OMG! Herz teh pregz! LOL!

Sometimes, you have to light a baby on fire.

On a Train, No Woman Can Hear a Baby Scream.

Outdated Transportation Comes Alive.

Im n yer train, mezzin up yer dreemz.

Full on Frontal (of a train)

Sometimes a train is a dick of death.

THIS! IS! A TRAIN! (kick)


spoken word version of this post:
"This is the From Inside movie poster. It does not have a tag line."